What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal? – Everything You Need To Know

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars or the third set of molars to emerge at the back of the mouth. Generally, they appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Since they are the last to emerge, teeth come in at different angles because of lack of space. Some wisdom teeth appear partially because there is no space for the entire tooth to come out. These teeth are called impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is very commonly done because most of these teeth are impacted. It is vital to know what to eat after wisdom teeth removal if you are intending on removing your wisdom tooth.
The procedure to remove a wisdom tooth starts by giving anesthesia. The dental surgeon gives some sort of anesthesia or sedation to the patient. If the tooth has not erupted out yet, the surgeon proceeds make an incision to remove the tooth from the root. They may even want to remove bone if it is blocking the root. Once the tooth is extracted, the site is cleaned with stitches and gauze will be placed on them. What to eat after wisdom teeth removal is of utter importance.

Importance of knowing what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Removing a wisdom tooth can be painful while recovering. Therefore, we have to know what to eat after wisdom teeth removal in order to avoid any food getting stuck in the extraction site. ‘How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat normally’ is a commonly asked question. It is essential to follow through the instructions of your surgeon about what to eat following surgery. Eating hard-to-bite food can irritate the site and lead to an infection. Therefore, always make sure to consume soft liquid food until the extraction site dries out.

Food that can be consumed following wisdom teeth removal- What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

list of soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal
list of soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Thinking about what to eat after wisdom teeth removal? How about Blended soups?

Blended pumpkin or tomato soup is very healthy and great to have after wisdom tooth removal. Once pumpkin or tomato blends into a soup, it turns into a smooth puree, which is easy to swallow. This prevents little pieces of food from getting stuck in the incision site. It is essential to have soups, either lukewarm or cold because hot soups can irritate the site.

The broth is ideal for those who are thinking about what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Broths, like soups, are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Not only broths are easy to consume; they are very nutritious too. If you struggle to drink a lot of water while healing after surgery, broths can keep you hydrated.


Greek yogurt and flavored yogurt are great to enjoy after dental surgery. Generally, people consume yogurt cold. Therefore, having yogurt may even numb the mouth, which can help ease the pain. Studies have shown that high-zinc and protein food help the recovery process.


Potatoes are a versatile vegetable that can be prepared in many ways. The best way to have potatoes after dental surgery is to have them mashed. Mashed potatoes are not only yummy but easy to swallow. It is comfort food that fills your tummy without giving you the feeling of an inadequate diet.


Eggs are one of the most excellent sources of protein overall. Food that is high in protein can gear-up the healing process. Scrambled eggs are great to consume after having your wisdom tooth removed.


Apples are a great source of nutrition for anyone. But apples as fruits are hard and crunchy. They are not easy to bite and swallow, especially when you have your wisdom tooth removed. But applesauce can be a great substitute for your fruit intake as it is made of pureed apples and contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps you boost your immune system, which in turn helps you recover faster from dental surgery.


Bananas are incredibly yummy and nutritious. Yes, they are among the most famous fruits in the world. On the other hand; bananas have a soft texture, which is easier to bite and swallow. They are a great source of potassium, folate, magnesium, and Vitamin B6. They can help you while you are recovering from wisdom tooth removal.


Avocados are very rich in vitamins, minerals, and carbs. They are quite filling if you have one whole avocado. They are great to have after having your wisdom tooth removed, and they provide countless amounts of nutrition to the body too.

Things to say ‘NO’ to

While there are many food options to consume after having a wisdom tooth removed, there are many food items that you need to avoid while you are recovering. Knowing what to eat after wisdom teeth removal is of utter importance because if you eat the wrong food, you can end up having an infection.

  • Crunchy food: Crunchy food such as chips can get stuck in the extraction site and cause irritation and infections.
  • Chewy food: Bubble gum is not something you would want to have after dental surgery.
  • Spiced food: Food that contains a lot of spices can cause irritation to the affected area.
  • Alcohol: You should avoid alcohol while you are still recovering from dental surgery because alcohol may interact with the medication you take and even slow down the healing process.

Final words: You have to select your food after dental surgery until you know you can eat normally.

Having the wisdom tooth removed is very common among everyone. The reason to remove this tooth is that most of us do not have enough space for this tooth, and it can also irritate inside your mouth. Therefore, many dental surgeons recommend people have their wisdom tooth removed. But what to eat after wisdom teeth removal should be taken seriously because food is something we cannot avoid talking about. You have to always opt for smooth, pureed, soup-like food until you are completely recovered from the surgery. If you skip the food instructions from your dentist and continue to consume food that you want, you might even end up having an infection, which is worse than the surgery.

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